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Fri      8-12

Brno Kr. Pole

Palackého 158


MVDr. Natalija Krčková

Dear clients,
To protect your health and ours, please continue to follow these instructions:
– when entering the premises, in waiting room and in clinic, please wear a properly fitted respirator at all times,
– the pet, dog or cat should be accompanied only by one person, unless the presence of more than one person is absolutely necessary.
Thank you very much
MVDR. Natalija Krčková




A brand new clinic for you and your animal friends at Palackého třída 158, Brno – Královo Pole. It is right next to Lidl, where you can park for free for 90 minutes. I also offer possibility of a telephone consultation.


My main focus is the medicine of dogs, cats and small rodents. My focus is on internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, ultrasonography including echocardiology, and dentistry.


My vision is to provide the best possible care to pet friends in the most pleasant and friendly environment. I believe that quality care can only be achieved through constant self-education and cooperation with my colleagues.

My services

Preventive care

• Vaccination
• Treatment against external and internal parasites
• Preventive clinical examination
• Chipping and Europass
• Claw shortening
• Anal gland treatment
• Ear examination and care recommendations


• Castration of females and males
• Removal of neoplasm
• Hernias
• Mammary gland surgery, etc.

Internal medicine

• Urology
• Endocrinology
• Cardiology
• Gastroenterology
• Gynecology
• Infectious diseases


• Examination of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, muscles and tendons)
• Management and provision of further specialist treatment



• Diagnosis of skin diseases
• Cytological examination
• Microscopy
• Skin sampling for further diagnosis


• Tartar removal by dental ultrasound
• Extraction of deciduous and permanent teeth
• Removal of neoplasms and further treatment of the oral cavity


• Determination of the optimal mating time in bitches based on vaginal cytology and blood progesterone levels
• Diagnosis of pregnancy in bitches
• Consultations on pregnant bitches
• Birth management

Medicine of small mammals

• Prevention – vaccination, claws cutting/treatment
• Dentistry – examination of the oral cavity, examination and correction of teeth


• Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity
• Echocardiography – non-invasive examination of the heart with an ultrasonographic device


• X-ray examination of the musculoskeletal system
• Diagnostic examination for hip and elbow dysplasia
• Use of a modern X-ray machine with direct digitization (fast and accurate examination)



• Hematological and biochemical examination of blood + endocrinology
• Urine examination, urinary sediment, specific gravity, cultivation
• Coprological examination of faeces
• Cytology



Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm

MVDr. Natalija Krčková
Palackého 158, Brno – Královo Pole
Tel. +420 605799702


Veterinární klinika s pohotovostí
MVDr. Lubomír Hošek
Gellnerova 8, Brno Jundrov
Tel. +420 603103377


MVDr. Natalija Krčková

I graduated from VFU-Brno in 2003. I gained experience in the field of medicine of small domestic animals during many years of practice in several veterinary surgeries in Brno.
After school in 2003, I joined the veterinary surgery in Obřany. In 2006, I had the opportunity to work for a short time at the veterinary clinic in Rosice and in the veterinary surgery in Kuřim.
In 2007, I took maternity leave. From 2010 until recently I worked in the Veterinary surgery of MVDr. Petr Pavelka in Řečkovice.
I like to attend professional seminars and webinars. I speak Czech, Macedonian (my mother tongue) and English.

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Palackého třída 158, Brno – Královo Pole

Phone: 605779702